Thoughts on work, the web, and the world

3 Sep 2019
Exploring new running routes in Lewes - a first trip North along the Ouse, with a few wrong turns and some nettles.
24 May 2019
Working with the grain of web technology to give clients what they need, rather than struggling against it to try and give them what they want. Along the way, introducing two new Drupal modules: CKEditor Datetime and Image Styles Display
20 Apr 2019
The importance of taking time to think about where we're going
15 Dec 2018
A new Drupal 8 module for managing single page JavaScript application configuration
29 Nov 2018
TIL that applying a stroke colour with CSS can make SVG icons look strange
31 Oct 2018
Does everyone want a loud quiet loud life? The tension between input and downtime
7 Oct 2018
Why do art, literature and music matter less to me now that I'm middle aged?
7 Sep 2018
On conference calls, beauty, futile protests, and the impossibility of capturing the real world.
15 Aug 2018
Do we inevitably lose a sense of community when our community gets too large?